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Tournament Season Continues!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

This past weekend, we co-sponsored a Tekken 2v2 tournament, that was hosted and organized by @Keekeexbaby. The vod can be found here, on her twitch stream. Early on, things seemed a bit one sided in the 2v2s, but as it continued, things became heated quickly. We loved being able to work with Keekee and we hope to work with other content creators, orgs, and companies in the future!

With the start of a new season coming in, That's Tough Gaming has decided to host it's own R6 Challenger Weekend Tournament!! Over the span of 2 days, teams of 5 will battle it out for a $250 cash prize. There is NO BUY IN so if you have a good team, this is a chance at some free money for you and your squad. This is a controller only tournament, but PS4 and PS5 are both fine to use.

For day 1 - all teams will play their first match, in a 5v5. On day 2 - there'll be semi finals between the top 4 teams and finals between top 2 teams.

Rules active for this tournament: No cheats, strike packs, mnk, or adapters of any kind allowed. Entire team must be on time or you risk forfeiting your game. Each game will be played with regular ranked settings. Any changes to these settings must be agreed upon by both teams before the round starts. The map will be picked through team elimination.

Registration for this tournament can be found here:


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