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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Gaming

More than just a competitive eSports organization, That's Tough Gaming is cultivating a community of creative gamers and eSports fans. We're new to eSports, but we're not new to hard work, dedication, or growth.  While coming from diverse backgrounds, the members of That's Tough Gaming are driven by common pursuits; a passion for gaming, a love for competition, and a desire to win, grow, and repeat.

Our Story

"I made That's Tough Gaming, LLC because I love competitive gaming and the [competitive] experience I had in April of 2021 left much to be desired. On top of that, I rarely see people who look like me on major teams competing. In 2021, that just seems intentional so I decided to create those doors, opportunities, and events for others."

- V.

Meet The Team

Our Sponsors

These are individuals, companies, and collectives who believe in the work we do and are able to financially support us through donations, partnerships, and sponsorships. If you are able and would like to help us get and stay funded, you can give a direct donation by pressing the button below and fill out the contact form to be shouted out on this page. Please use the same contact form if you'd like to discuss a partnership, sponsorship, or any other collaborative effort. Media kit and pitch deck provided upon request to

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