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The Stream Squad is expanding: meet LadyGrim!

This week we've got a new member joining our stream squad and we here at That's Tough Gaming are very excited to make this announcement! LadyGrim is a newer streamer with a big personality and even bigger heart! We'll be promoting her in all of our socials for the next week and if you want to know more about her, check out our stream team page!

In addition to LadyGrim joining our stream team, she will be our perma-host for future Ladies' Night events, so make sure you follow her on all of her socials as we begin our monthly rotation of those! Although LadyGrim doesn't have a schedule for streams just yet, but you can catch her Twitch stream February 12th at 6pm EST!

With that awesome news, we've also quietly re-opened our Stream Squad applications and we're looking to get three more content creators ready to grow and build with us, please check out how to apply.


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